Premium Ecologically Clean Blueberries from Ukraine -

Welcome to, your premium source for high-quality, ecologically clean blueberries grown in Ukraine. We pride ourselves on producing the finest organic blueberries, certified by Global GAP, ensuring that our processes and products meet stringent quality standards.

Our organically grown blueberries are free from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, offering you the healthiest and most delicious berries possible.

We specialize in wholesale shipments of fresh berries from our farms situated near the EU border. Each berry is meticulously picked, packed, and shipped with attention to detail so you receive the freshest produce with exceptional taste.

  • High-quality organically grown blueberries
  • Global GAP certified, ensuring top-notch product standards
  • Sustainability-focused using natural fertilizers and minimal pesticide use
  • Competitive prices with fast delivery right from Ukraine to your doorstep collaborates exclusively with partners who uphold the highest quality standards and possess binding quality certificates to guarantee product safety.

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Do you have delivery?
Sure. We can manage delivery to your location.
How can I pay for an order?
You can pay with a bank transfer.
Do you provide certifications for every order?
Yes, we provide certifications for each and every order. All of our certifications are officially recognized and meet the highest standards.
What is the minimum order?
The minimum order is 5, 10, 20 tons, equivalent to 1 mash